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Regenerate you body and mind!

LESSON HOLISTIC PHILOSOPHY: Represents the understanding that the body, mind and soul are one! The body and mind are two sides of the same coin. Everything that happens in the mind is conducted through the brain to the body. Man is the only creature that can change his biochemistry by the mindset. Each cell is aware of our feelings. There is no biochemistry separated from consciousness.

The body a healthy body, healthy mind. Your body is your house. How do you deal with your body? In order to have the strength and energy to do anything we need to maintain our body vital, functional and healthy. Also emotional state encourages the body to move the bounds of possibility.

The mind is a wonderful and powerful thing. A good servant, and an evil lord. Learn to use it, and you will be able to achieve much more. This implies: conscious control of thought, directed attention, conscious programming, controlling dreams, suggestions, affirmations, work on consciousness and sub-consciousness. The techniques of visualization, imagination, lowering the frequency of brain waves …

The soul what makes sense and fulfillment through our wishes, nature, love; what speaks through our emotions; what connects us with the world through compassion; what is indescribable, and  present; what has many names but one gist; what has the potential to get through, to evolve into something “more”, into something more aware. All three of these appearances penetrate us in one. All are intertwined and dependent on all the existing one through another- in this existence in this life are inseparable.

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